Friday, January 22, 2010

3 weeks story~ part 1~

* this entry is totally for my mumbling, min qalbi dedicated to my beloves person especially my family..., as a reminder to all friends, sahabat - sahabiah, it is just a pieces of story that lingering in my mind since 3 weeks in puncak...not so full with 'ilmu and knowledge"..but just a sharing because sharing is always caring and loving.
(tidak berkaitan dengan yang hidup ataupun yang telah mati)

bismillahi walhamdullillah
this room is silent+peace~love alone, silent and peace~

its already 3 weeks of lectures...dadada...yadada..blablala..and today, i feel a little bit of released and reliefed alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. last night JPK's meeting end about 11.40 p.m..then around 12.00 I went back to A1406 straight away. a little bit of fatigue caused i went to shah alam earlier (after class) there with mai (my housemate), actually,we are not really shopping it is more to walking and exercises :).. since that we were hunting and searching for just 10 of empty DvDs....initially the intention is to go to Tabung Haji to open my new account, but, it's already near to 4.15 when i reached there. tabung haji want to shut down its business...then arrived at puncak about maghrib,, ustaz iqbal (imam of our musolla) and jemaah was praying. his voice read da surah surrond the environment. i'm done maghrib and isya' jemaah with my housmates,, and went to JPK's meeting.

every thing happened was so fast!!

lectures and lab every weeks. this semester i have 7 subjects which are:
  1. research methodology
  2. special education
  3. pharmacology in rehabilitation
  4. ot intervention for paediatrics
  5. ot assessment for paediatrics
  6. community based rehab
  7. mandarin (the most enjoyable subject, learn with no burden at all)
5 days a week, 3 of 5 days; class end at 6.30. but tuesday we just got 1 lecture :) but the other days ...huhuhu

accept it saie...its what we call learning!

learning, ta'allum minalmahdi ilallahdi!

my friend(fifa) told me and i'm very surprises but happy for the words after we was chatting by heart recently...
" saidah, you make my day"

fifa.....i'll always keep this word in my hippocampus...we are like "sama tapi tak serupa"...or

Hlovate said "same boat but different cabin"(i'm hlovate addicted)"~ rooftop rant~

back to the story....

i called abah past few days:

kakok: assalamu'alaikum,can i talk to che abdullah plizz (speaking with abah)

abah : yes,

kakok : what r u doing?

abah : watching tv...(abah is rarely watching TV except of news, wrestling, and da latest is da korean drama, "east of eden")

kakok: abah chat?(already change da langguage..^_^)

abah : alhamdulillah tapi demam sket (abah not so always but always demam + cough)

kakok: gi ngajar tak? (abah is a teacher)

abah : gi...(he loves his student)

kakok: abah makan ubat tak ?

abah : macam biasa , minum madu
(abah dislike conventional mesd and drugs.. and he always be like that taking madu
kismis , eat talbinah and so on)

ummi da kerja,,,kakok tao ke?

kakok : kerja ape? tok tao...

abah : buat roti and pizza and yang sewaktu dengannya (the ayat was restructured)

kakok: ummi da pandai wat pizza la?

abah : ya la.....

i'm happy for that....missing home...and homey surrounding even its just a wooden house.....baiti jannati...

alhamdulillah even i'm NOT born with a silver spoon, everything i want to, i must try to get it myself...

solat jemaah is always (when abah is arround), after maghrib recite al-quran.... but my family is not perfect either...but in some extends..hard make us stronger...

life is always be like a bed of roses and a bunch of thorns.......because always give a test to increase our imaan...insya allah

ayah su called last weeks...(he is mu guardian at all...)
i listened to him silently, obediently, focusing on what he talking about...

"remember our family, our family is not so big enough and yet not so small, i want you to go to higher level, i believe that you can go further, i see you grown up, i want you to be the best ! continue your good that you do "

my tears want to dropped...tahan saie...tahan..

"okey syah su, insya Allah"

and i know that he is a little bit dissapointed with me.....

i flash back my life,,, remembering the present,,....alhamdulillah...


we feel fatigue, restlessness, sad, blurr..gloomy......

but its all back to ALLAH...

sometime we do a big also small mistake...

sometime we choose the wrong path...

it is not wrong for you to cry, then wipe your tears then move on again~~~


don't give a word that you cannot work for it.....because every words is promise~and we'll be asked for the promise~


colour our canvas of life with IMAAN + TAQWA...

" allahumma inna nasaluka hubbaka, wa hubba man yuhibbuka, wal'amalulladzi yuballighuna hubbak"

"ya ALLAH kami meminta CINTA-MU, da cinta orang yang menCINTAI-MU dan amal yang menyampaikan CINTA-MU kepada kami" (sila betulkan if tersalah maksud =)

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