Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just being me

i'm thinking of what is my blog's identity??... finally i've come out it with a conclusion that just "being me"... i do have my own private blog, private fb...but i'm always open the public one..many things happen but it is hard to me to spill it on the pages...and i'm just let it go...^^..gone with the wind..but remember it in my pray...
life is blessing the gift by Allah for us... we are weak but HE will be always by or side to keep us stronger.. ok..just Being Me..and keep imroving^^..when I look at the friends aspecially,, they are better than me..
but again: "just being me"..
Allah's plan for me is the best story that I ever had...
might be my thoughts and what I do is different than others..but it is Ok as long as I'm not beyond His law of life...Islamic law and regulations are not for play..but it are the gift by Allah for us..the guide to come back to our eternal home...the home that we call pleasant that place is..
ustaz ridhauddin in his talk once told us..why do Allah sent Adam a.s and Hawa to jannah before sent both of them to Dunia???
it is because of Allah wants to tell us that...our true place is in JAnnah. subhanallah... =)..let's proud to be muslim...and trying to be the good one...
i'm not a good person and do not want to be the bad one too~~~


friends,,,this song might be not ur type..but it's inspiring...

"iaitu orang yang beriman dan hati mereka menjadi tenteram dengan mengingat Allah. Ingatlah hanya dengan mengingati Allah hati menjadi tenteram "-al-Ra'd(28)

keep step ahead dear..okeyh??

tell to yourself...while

put ur right hand to ur left shoulder...and pat ur left shoulder with ur right hand

awak-awak..mesti awak penat kan..

saya pun penat jugat..

tapi awak..takpe awk..

kita kuat....

awak-awak..kite usaha sama-sama ye awk..


nangis tak pe awak..

tapi lepas tu..

tarik nafas...

do it again awk...

senyum awk...

satu dunia anak tengok awak..

jadi diri awak ea...

do the best for all

ok awak..

kita usaha awak..


Azliani Ismail said...

btul tu..just be urself and keep on going to be the best among the best..

p/s: sy suka nursaidah nafisa bt che abdullah yg sy kenal sblm ni:lol:

saie said...

sy suka az juge^^..