Thursday, April 21, 2011

sebab DIA nak KITE sayang DIA lebih

salam'alaik..xjawab dosa (ayat the sweet talker.^^)

hm, like usual, bisalah hati terusik kan?
i'm thinking , is that i'm not as strong as before?
or the things i'm dealing with is even need me to be more stronger?
previously, i keep telling myself. i'm ain't affect with that matter. but somehow, Allah knows best, He tested me with that matter again. 
my heart is still in adapting period. hu.
only HE knows. 

is not that easy to fix the heart
is not that easy to smile and laugh
is not that easy to did not think about the memories.
wanna cry again?

but ,
i'm getting much much much better. when i saw that happened again, my heart did not pounded like before.
thanks Allah.
don't forget TAHAJJUD
don't forget DHUHA
don't forget TAUBAT
don't forget HAJAT
don't forget ISTIKHARAH
don't forget RAWATIB
don't forget PUASA SUNAT.
don't forget READ QURAN

it is true, this time the thing is even harder. 

canvas of life? we fill it.
p/s: thanks to Allah for sending my sis to be my knight of shining armor last night. ^^

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