Saturday, June 25, 2011

bebel's version

bismillahi walhamdulillah

i'm pretty good alhamdulillah, so-so. hehe. 8 days at beloved home, and rite now almost 5 days at puncak alam. life????? could not desribe it well la. adeh.!!
seems like the spirit is run away, and the motivation did not come. ayyo saie....adehT_T. i feel dissapointted with myself. huhuhu
yep, i live on my own...on my own...=). hmmm..haaaa..hiiiii...
you are so lucky because you had been choosen to be sent to this world. you do have a loving family. right???
you are so lucky since you were born as Islam.
you are so lucky because you have a good results almost every years at the primary and secondary school. you have to work harder right?
you are so lucky you are healthy.
you are so lucky you have your family although you have no money.
many things that you have, many things that you have got. 
do not be upset with a little things. 
do not think that you are alone with no one beside. you do have Allah right?

i do realise that banyak benda yang tak terlepas pandang dulu. (ape mende eh terlepas pandang dalam english...adoi^^')

seems like i can do better and better ..
there is no time to regret it saie
and feel empty

dan banyak benda yang aku ada, yang tak ada tu lah yang aku nak. tak ke? usaha tu saie. usaha laaaa.

bila langkah terasa payah. bila orang tanya kenapa?
maaf bukan tak nak cerita tapi tak perlu cerita...
 macam dah nak transform jadi ape dah ni.
 i do smile.. a fake smil or a true smile? tak kisah. biar aje.^^. and tak ada orang kisah? =).
this is the bebel's version and tak sesuai untuk dibaca. hehe
tidak berilimiah jugak!

may Allah bless...
may Allah give me strength.

i do have many plan in my life. rabbi yusahhil!

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