Friday, June 10, 2011

.enough. but don't get me wrong.

bismillahi walhamdulillah...

at cafe..hehe...seem there are no the time with writing. it is already 10 th june. and i'll going home at 12th june. insya allah. thanks a lot to my friend for bought me the ticket. hehe.
 everyday routine is still the same. wake up, pray, go to cafe at 7.oo until 9.30 pm. same schedule i can say. huhu. but it is ok ^^. 

refer to the title: enough a.k.a cukup. i say: feel of completeness. 

different experience make us different. seriously different. different knowledge also make us difference. hu. i'm always using this tagline: "people think difference".

some feel that rm 1 is big enough for them but some are not
some think that viva is ok enough but some choose peugeot.
some satisfy eat rice with egg but some love double cheese burger+spicy chicken mcdeluxe and chicken mcnugget. hehe.

people are hard to feel enough. merasa cukup. 

then, what is zuhud????? hehe. this can help us: link

i live in the middle class range society. tak da la tak makan tapi cukup-cukup makan.
want something big??? it is a matter of effort..i say effort. success will not come and say "hi" to us easily. kan-kan?????

but don't get me wrong....
feel enough but it does not mean that we did not give best effort for success. but feel enough with the things that we have and thanks Allah for all the gift.

we are still is enough. thanks god for the most precious gift.
let fulfill our ambition...yezzaaaa...rabbuna yusahhil^^.


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