Friday, July 1, 2011

wrap up


bismillahi walhamdulillah. hopefully we are in the great health, mind and IMAAN. 

insya Allah i'll be begin my journey tomorrow. new life, new experience, new environment. just cannot imagine what is waiting for me. rabbuna yusahhil. =)

time goes by, 3 years of bitter sweet memories. 1 year at klang lama, 2 years at puncak alam. alhamdulillah. thanks Allah for the priceless experiences. 

life is test. hehe. life is about choosing. huhu. is that what we choose is because of Allah??? actually i do have many things to say, but no words come out from my mind.

FYI: i do have many experiences. alhamdulillah. no more explanation. =)

regarding that:
lets look back at what is the purposes of life?????


what a big responsibilities. hu. but, Allah have choosed us. right????

how hard it is to kill the demon inside me, and he still laughing at me though. 
but Allah do give us the solutions: patient and pray. =)

nowadays there are many news just the same like psychological war. hopefully, Allah will show who is the right and who is wrong. however i choose to be the one that seek for the information and do not want to be neither ignorant nor pak turut.
this is my senior's note. i do inspired with her writing:

Assalaamu'alaikum, to dear my friends, thanks for
 everything, thanks for your wish. That was the best moment ever in my life to be a part of your memory. My apologize, actually I have difficulties to access FB as before. But, don't worry, you are always in my pray and even in my heart.
For this my new journey, I know that my ultimate achievement is to be the best servant to Allah as possible, and definately as the best wife and mother, daughter, sister & friend.
For my career, insyaAllah I want to be a person who can give the great impact to our society. Thanks to my students. I'm proud to be your supervisor. InsyaAllah you will success in your life, amin.
Thanks again to everybody. May Allah bless all of us, amin.

i wanna cry, not because i am going to jb alone, or because i do not have a friend, just because i cannot cry. T_T

my hope:
hopefully i can do my best for my cilinical practice. insya allah.
hopefully i will get better result. insya allah.
hopefully Allah will take care of my family, friends, our siblings all over the world with the best care.amiin
hopefully i can laugh to my demon too.!
hopefully there will be spark happen in Malaysia.!! 

i have so many hopes though.^_^


cherish the life, the moments, do not let it be taken away! do not waste the time. it is priceless saie!!!!!

the highest devotion is the devotion for Allah and Rasulullah.
life is amazing ...=)

i write in English is not because i am good. but i am practicing.=)
if i do have grammatical error. please let me know eyh.=)
peace no war y'all


naQiu said...

welcome to johor... sabo jelah...

saie said...

senior bagi nasihat! keno amik. =)