Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ta daaa....simple random note for you and for me

bismillahhi wal hamdulillah



i'm doing good alhamdulillah,being silent but nit so silent anyway, since the fb is already updated. hehe. 
jb treat me well too. somehow,  i miss puncak alam. (more than i can describe!)

thanks allah for give me chance to visit puncak alam last week, even though it's just a short visit. superficially puncak alam is just the same, but deep inside there were changes happened. 
remember this : attaubah : 51

congratulations to my beloved alang. she became a wife at 5th syawal, 3 september. hehe. (i'am her pengapit y'all). heh. but it's kind of funny when i see the picture (me with "kipas pengantin"). but sorry , no picture available to show. (pengantin dengan pengapitnya sweet sangat, maka tak boleh dipaparkan. hehe)

alang, how i miss the time we were together. sob..sob...

and that time , i do feel that it is like kak anis was with us that day. 

dear you,

i hope that i can share many positive things with others. we share the beautiful world together eyh? insya allah.

dear you,

no one can choose how they were born. the family either rich or poor... the condition either healthy or ill...and etc.

one thing that we always forget, to be the one who always thanks Allah for the great life He gave us.

i see patients everyday, and how i try to not cry in front of them. i do cry in my heart, how much my heart burdened to see them and how much i am not thanks Allah for the all bless He gave me.

dear you, 

everything that we have, we just BORROW it. tiada hak milik kekal, hanya HAK MILIK SEMENTARA. 

dear you,

lets pray hard for our beautifull ending- husnul khatimah.

dear you,

lets go to JANNAH together??


i wish i am stronger, insya Allah. 

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seriouly i like this post:)