Friday, March 29, 2013

Recreate own tradition


Eventhough i live at johor, and my husband is kedahan, but back to meal i will recreate kelantanese tradition. Kelantanese always love to eat rice from breakfast to dinner. Haha. We eat nasi kerabu, nasi berlauk or pulut gaul nyiur early in the morning! Even nasi lemak is not popular at kelantan.hehe
The klantanese foods are always sweet but to this point, i am not sweet addicted. Yesterday i was craving for nasi berlauk what i do is, i cook gulai ayam. So delicious, alhamdulillah! Ikan rebus is also yummy! Yumm yumm. Hehe.

Well , i love kelantan and i love tok guru :)
For suhaimi baba the famous director, no matter how famous you are, do some reading!

But i miss my ummi's cooking T_T

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