Friday, June 18, 2010


hey there???
kaifa halukum jmii'an??

its still holiday, but i'm already at kl (which mean Ampang - my ayah su's place), since that he and his family were back to kg., so sambil menyelam minum air, naik kereta (which mean - save my pocket money) is really important!! naik star rex yang beau tu!

i don't know how to start since many things happen (i'm not update dis blog since exam!)...
after the examination was finished..i went to kem semai simoi attending Program Kepimpinan Pelajar MPP & JPK until 15 hb of mei..then back to kelate just for two days ( cdeyh sgt )...but ..alhamdulillah..its worth because the whole day i'm at home (hambe jenis tak suke jalan unless i'm having a program or visit sedara mare...), the other day, i went to husm kubang kerian. 

after came back to puncak alam, we stayed at hostel- my friends and I (the JPK- College representative council) -we were done the key cheking- kami cek la 1-1 kunci bilik setiap rumah, loker and meja study....1 hour for 1 level....huuuh....fatiged and tanned!

then, MDS is coming (Minggu destini siswa- just for Asasi student)- the whole week is full with program-.....headache3 but it was really fun..

kak, tak cukup borang ni....
kak tandas kat mana...

every were you go, they will say Assalamu'alaikum for you...sweet kan that environment???
suke sangat and malu juge..(segan T_T)

back to kelate again, but, i'm not stay at home, i went to visit at husm kubang kerian....pi tengok therapist kat sane, pi jumpa patients juge! seronok ^^

4 days at husm is more than enough. my abah fetched me at my Ayah sir's house, and i went home...

so happy at home- jaga Fulloh (my youngest brother ^^),masak to diorang, sapu umah kemas umah-(mana yang larat ~ wat lar)

that's all- the story behind why i'am dissapear ^^

peace for all-
miss saie
the light of precious happiness~~