Friday, January 29, 2010

tinta dari sahabatku yang jauh ~ az~missing her...

Manusia akan terus berjaya selagimana ia meletakkan dirinya didalam agama.
.walaupun bukan kejayaan didunia,
namun akhirat tetap menanti kerana itulah kejayaan hakiki..
Sebaliknya andai manusia menjauhkan diri dari agamanya sendiri,
ia akan terus binasa walaupun kejayaan dunia sedang dikecapinya namun itu bukanlah yg kekal abadi~

ana bukan pelajar UIA, DQ, USIM jadi?

Bismillahi walhamdulillah...

restless and fatigue...alhamdulillah... class started at 8.30-12.30...then i attended New Moon Recipe of Women (women's Friday lecture) until 2.00 p.m,,,then,helping PRM (Persatuan Rakan Masjid) to settled up the place, next attended Meeting of our Course's Society is already 5 that I reached my room......

people always tend to mistakenly think that I'm UIA/DQ/USIM student...

" akak duk Uia kan sekarang ?"
they look at my appearance......still with tudung labuh, jubah@baju kurung

i'm just give a plastic smile...and answer..

" tak la..UITM"... you see...UITM.... it is not Universiti ISLAM Teknologi MARA.....

at the first time I got the offer to being here, 2 years ago.....that time I was participated as the facilitator for Minggu Pengurusan Pelajar Baru (MPPB) 2 years Program (Program Dua Tahun (PDT)) at KMNS. all of us (the faci at my batch) feel so nervous that day. me too! i'm so afraid to check the online result....then, lastly, i do it , and the result made me feel so cloudy..and the other senior faci can see my expression...and they gave me the support...

yes, i got the Program that i love and fond to " Occupational Therapy", but...the first think that lingering in my mind is " how can I survive for being in UITM?"

People's STIGMA...

"UITM tu sosial sangat?"
" Couple sana sini"?
" low standard uni?"

and at last I came to this UNI.....with a tremble heart,and i wanna cry that time...but luckily, i have my parent's blessing and family support.



and yet, i'm still me, being in this place, is not bad at all. as long as you try to adapt with the biiah (suasana), you have ISLAM in your and SPREAD IT to others!!

all of the knowledge, the theory that ustaz+ustazah gave, apply it!...and yet, i'm not perfect either,...

being in stranger's place, me and myself try to adapt to the environment.....being in in ISLAMIC UNI @ NO ISLAMIC UNI,,,IT IS JUST THE SAME...

when i was young, my dream is want to further my study at UIA, the garden of knowledge and virtue,,there are the safer place for me......


HE placed me at UITM, the uni that I do not want to go....

as time goes on, alhamdulillah, i'm still me...i 'm hope the others MAAHADIANS, MSMIANS are better than me..

there is no matter, where we are, but, we still be ourselves! we have learn religion, ('aqidah, fiqh, tauhid, feqah,nahusoraf, sirah) more than that we want to apply it!

we have left the school, but the TARBIYYAH, still remains in our HEART!

ustaz, ustazah, cikgu, cikgi,
syukran jaziilan kathiira,
hanya ALLAH mampu membalas jasa kalian.

pertahankan apa yang kamu fahami, apa yang kamu pegang,selagi mana kamu mampu..

~the light of the most precious happiness~

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We're here on this special day
Our hearts are full of pleasure
A day that brings the two of you
Close together
We're gathered here to celebrate
A moment you'll always treasure
We ask Allah to make your love
Last forever

Let's raise our hands and make Do'a
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let's all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
From now you'll share all your chores
Through heart-ship to support each other
Together worshipping Allah
Seeking His pleasure

We pray that He will fill your life
With happiness and blessings
And grants your kids who make your home
Filled with laughter

Let's raise our hands and make Do'a
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let's all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير

بارك الله
بارك الله لكم ولنا

الله بارك لهما
الله أدم حبهما
الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

الله تب علينا
الله ارض عنا
الله اهد خطانا
على سنة نبينا

Let's raise our hands and make Do'a
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let's all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير

I dedicated this song to my sahabat (x-kmns) that will become 2 weeks Insya Allah......biiznillah...
Allah showed him the way~alhamdulillah..~among us, he is the first muslimin (after husna) that will be enter into the new phase of life..marriage.. BARAKALLAHU LAKUMA~

sebak rasa terbuku di dada.. mata berpasir - pasir dan berkaca....

lewat sms diterima........mahirah dan ana masing-masing berkongsi rasa...

ana: nape rasa sebak ea anti???

mahirah : rasa sebak untuk seorang sahabat...yang bakal memikul tanggung jawab baru ...

ana : rasa sebak sebab terlalu gembira untuk dia...

2 years....we left the matriculation...a lot of memories that coloured the canvas of life....
and yet,,,I'm still missing the atmosphere...



who will be the next apprentice??? ^_^

choosing marriage instead of couple is THE BEST and HALAL way...

sms ditaip lagi..

ana : kita bila nti?

mahirah: ntah, nak tunggu khairul azzam (KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH

~dan masing-masing tertawa sendiri~ :D

dan hati masih sebak...

we are adult....tak macam dulu more 1 at the front.. all begin with 2...we already 21....and should be...we are mature enuff (even sometime, perangai lama still ade :D)

rindu nak dengar nasihat mahirah,
rindu nak cakap dengan asyu
rindu nak gelak dengan intan (kita sama2 poyo kan ?)
rindu nak bual dengan hidayah
rindu nak dengar celoteh che ah
rindu nak tengok aimi
rindu nak chat dengan husna di Mesir
rindu nak jumpa ama...
rindu nak tatap Tiqah

it is not perfect, but I have a great time...

rasyadan comes awhile then migrate to usim...
ridhuwan, the Exco Kerohanian JPP, always with his masjid team
fadhil and his voice..
aimerul and his slumberr
kamarul and his maturity
hizami and his silence
daus and his economy
dauz dat always fight with me
razali and his discipline...

Monday, January 25, 2010

its MONDAY~the first day of the forth week~

bismillahi walhamdulillah...

i'm just back from a meeting~alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hall~

the class is going smoothly like usual....mandarin + ot peadiatric assessment+ research methodology~

research methodology....i got another assignment to be submitted to MR. Jaya...."Explain the study design"

mandarin class, we move to chapter 3 and 4 and also the review of the first & 2nd chapter,,,the class ending with singing a song~ ai..yo mama...(the song is originally P.Ramli's song..which 1 ..i dunno)..nest week will be mandarin 1st test......

in ot assessment of peadiatric, class ended earlier, mis Liz gave a brief review abaut final exam paper (like it is near to the exam.......T_T)

last night, i 'm really miss my sahabiah....really miss them...

they who were my friends since in primary and secondary school also in matriculation........all of them keep lingering in my mind...

separation does not mean there is end in a made our bon stronger...

what is ukhuwwah actually???

it is when you remeber your friend in doa....

it is when you can husnuzzon with the person...

it is when you love the person more than you love yourself...

" la yu'minu ahadukum hatta yuhibba li akhiihi ma yuhibbu linafsihi"

it is not easy..but it is possible,,

sincerety and pure intention....

sahabat, does not mean that you must always contact together....but Allah who the one that tighten the bonding..

i'm always thinking and feel that i'm not being a good sahabat enough,,,asiif jiddan kathiira....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

for all zaujah in the world~ outlandish...sakeena

This ain't a love song
This is a life song

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines

We don't wanna build our house of earth, water and stone
But of wisdom, pure intentions, conversation
Compassionate action, with purity of heart
We might get somewhere, become light
Fast and burn like a candle, right
Intertwine, u give me peace of mind
I cloak u and u cloak me
Responsible I feel with honesty
Between us God has put affection and mercy
Praised be He who created u
Cuz all I see in u is beautiful

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn't conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Amor mío
Te adora como a la más bella estrella fugaz en el cielo
Y cuando me siento sólo, sé que tú me entiendes
Sé que me comprendes
Sueño apoyarme en tu sonrisa
Toma mi mano y ven de prisa
Siempre me imagino Viejo y arrugado
Mis hijos ya crecidos mis nietos a mi lado
Y la luz de luna a revelado
Que tu palpitar es por mi, que siempre a sido asi
He practicado que decir muchas veces
Y cuando Dios lo quiera estaremos frente a frente
Será el momento de embrujarte
Ojalá que en tus ojos me retrates
Que aceptes mi pasado, que mis locuras yo no pague
Yo te prometere mi vida
Aunque la muerte nos separe

[My dearest
I adore you like the most beautiful shooting star in the sky
And when I feel alone I know that you understand me
I know that you comprehend me
I'm looking for comfort in your smile
Let's hurry, follow me
'Cuz I've always seen myself old and aged
My children grown up, grandchildren by my side
And the moonlight has revealed
That your heart beats for me
And it has always been like that
I've practised what to say many times
When God is willing
We'll stand face to face
That will be the moment to put a spell on you
If only I could slide into your eyes
If only you would see through the past
If only I don't have to pay for my peculiarities
I'll dedicate my life to you
Even after death will separate us]

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn't conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Most definitely in our luv are signs of knowledge
Every dime I spend on u
Is worth more than what I spend on the poor
See patience is the best key to happiness
Continuous, satisfaction, pearls wanna be like u
Intertwine, u are my Sakeena
U protect me and I protect u
Scientifically we be deeper than Al-kindi
Between us God has put affection and mercy
This ain't a luv song
This is a life song

We going 6 years strong
With no sign of regret
With each year we gain in force with ups and downs of course
Yeah my wife is my cousin
And thank God, Faizan my son was born without complications
Hina my love to you is unconditional
Not limited by typical Bollywood scenarios
Or by statistics when problems occur we leave
'Cause I know t u´ll stay till I no longer will breathe
Or if I'm crippled, blinded or anything else
I know I can rely on u helping my every step
Love is not just limited to butterflies and sex
It's to recognise and respect each others intellects
Lots of regrets many things we shouldn't have said and done
But that's just part of our journey and it's just begun
Define beauty 'cause one day looks will fade
But a beautiful mind still be young at an old age
And I know it's hard me being away for so long
But I respect u so much for being so strong
I remember U being pregnant going to school
Cooking food taking care of my parents and the whole house
All in one something a man could never do no doubt
So I thank my mother for the day she brought us together
And I pray for our reunion in the afterlife forever

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn't conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Friday, January 22, 2010

sebenarnya CINTA itu apa sih????

* entri ini, adalah satu perkongsian melihat kepada pengalaman

kawan 1:" saidah, ada orang nak nombor hp saidah boleh?"
(ana blank sekejap)......

kawan 2:"saidah da orang nak kenal dengan awak boleh?" (ana kaget seketika)......

pening kepala ana.....kenapa tiba-tiba ni???

ini hanyalah contoh, realiti...bukan mahu mempromosi diri ni ea....(minta betulkan kefahaman)

bila meningkat dewasa, ianya fitrah, to loved and to be loved by somebody...ianya lumrah kehidupan...

(dipetik dari Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1)

sebenarnya cinta itu apa sih??

cinta adalah kekuatan,
yang mampu mengubah duri menjadi mawar,
mengubah cuka jadi anggur,
mengubah malang menjadi untung,
mengubah sedih jadi riang,
mengubah syaitan menjadi nabi,
mengubah iblis menjadi malaikat,
mengubah sakit menjadi sihat,
mengubah bakhil menjadi dermawan,
mengubah kandang menjadi taman,
mengubah penjara menjadi istana,
mengubah amarah menjadi ramah,
mengubah musibah menjadi............

sekalipun cinta telah kuuraikan,
dan kujelaskan panjang lebar,
namun juga cinta kelihatan,
aku jadi malu pada keteranganku sendiri,
meskipun lidahku telah mampu menguraikan,
namun tanpa lidah cinta ternyata lebih senang,
sementara pena begitu saja saling menuliskan,
kata-kata pecah berkeping-keping begitu sampai kepada cinta,
dalam menguraikan cinta,
akal terbaring tak berdaya,
bagaikan keldai berbaring dalam rumput,
cinta sendirilah yang menerangkan cinta dan perspektifnya...

fitrah vs fitnah???

salah ke suka pada seseorang?

no..tak salah..tetapi kena betul caranya.....^_^

one fine day,,talk sambil makan dengan kak M di PSB...entah kenapa tiba-tiba keluar topik hangat ni...

kak M : bek elak awal-awal la ek?

saie: ea la.....tengok kondisi kita camana... dah sedia ke? famili camana? orang tu plak camana? penuhi kriteria ke tak? at least boleh jadi imam, boleh bimbing bab agama,
appearance+money....lain cerita...

kak M : susah dah cari orang gitu sekang ini...

saie: memang susah tapi insya ALLAH ada... (dalam hati yaqin confidently, INSYA ALLAH ADA!!). tak mahu la...buat cara ALLAH tak suka....bimbang affect family yang akan dibina nanti..

kak M : kira zina hati la saidah?

saie : ha ah....tapi kita as perempuan la kena kuat...if rs belum masanya lagi...pertimbangkan sebaiknya..

kak M angguk-angguk...kami sambung lunch...

(the rest is not previewed here)

muslimah mu'minah: kerana dirimu begitu berharga

dari ustazah khamariah:

"orang perempuan kena jaga diri dia....budak-budak laki ni memang nakal.. kadang-kadang nak test shj"

dah banyak case study yang dibuat dan boleh kita observe sendiri....dan memang betul...
"kalau JODOH tak KEMANA"

dari ayat-ayat cinta...

kamu percaya sama jodoh???


"tak maula buat benda ALLAH tak suka....ISLAM dah bagi cara yang terbaik tao"


3 weeks story~ part 1~

* this entry is totally for my mumbling, min qalbi dedicated to my beloves person especially my family..., as a reminder to all friends, sahabat - sahabiah, it is just a pieces of story that lingering in my mind since 3 weeks in puncak...not so full with 'ilmu and knowledge"..but just a sharing because sharing is always caring and loving.
(tidak berkaitan dengan yang hidup ataupun yang telah mati)

bismillahi walhamdullillah
this room is silent+peace~love alone, silent and peace~

its already 3 weeks of lectures...dadada...yadada..blablala..and today, i feel a little bit of released and reliefed alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. last night JPK's meeting end about 11.40 p.m..then around 12.00 I went back to A1406 straight away. a little bit of fatigue caused i went to shah alam earlier (after class) there with mai (my housemate), actually,we are not really shopping it is more to walking and exercises :).. since that we were hunting and searching for just 10 of empty DvDs....initially the intention is to go to Tabung Haji to open my new account, but, it's already near to 4.15 when i reached there. tabung haji want to shut down its business...then arrived at puncak about maghrib,, ustaz iqbal (imam of our musolla) and jemaah was praying. his voice read da surah surrond the environment. i'm done maghrib and isya' jemaah with my housmates,, and went to JPK's meeting.

every thing happened was so fast!!

lectures and lab every weeks. this semester i have 7 subjects which are:
  1. research methodology
  2. special education
  3. pharmacology in rehabilitation
  4. ot intervention for paediatrics
  5. ot assessment for paediatrics
  6. community based rehab
  7. mandarin (the most enjoyable subject, learn with no burden at all)
5 days a week, 3 of 5 days; class end at 6.30. but tuesday we just got 1 lecture :) but the other days ...huhuhu

accept it saie...its what we call learning!

learning, ta'allum minalmahdi ilallahdi!

my friend(fifa) told me and i'm very surprises but happy for the words after we was chatting by heart recently...
" saidah, you make my day"

fifa.....i'll always keep this word in my hippocampus...we are like "sama tapi tak serupa"...or

Hlovate said "same boat but different cabin"(i'm hlovate addicted)"~ rooftop rant~

back to the story....

i called abah past few days:

kakok: assalamu'alaikum,can i talk to che abdullah plizz (speaking with abah)

abah : yes,

kakok : what r u doing?

abah : watching tv...(abah is rarely watching TV except of news, wrestling, and da latest is da korean drama, "east of eden")

kakok: abah chat?(already change da langguage..^_^)

abah : alhamdulillah tapi demam sket (abah not so always but always demam + cough)

kakok: gi ngajar tak? (abah is a teacher)

abah : gi...(he loves his student)

kakok: abah makan ubat tak ?

abah : macam biasa , minum madu
(abah dislike conventional mesd and drugs.. and he always be like that taking madu
kismis , eat talbinah and so on)

ummi da kerja,,,kakok tao ke?

kakok : kerja ape? tok tao...

abah : buat roti and pizza and yang sewaktu dengannya (the ayat was restructured)

kakok: ummi da pandai wat pizza la?

abah : ya la.....

i'm happy for that....missing home...and homey surrounding even its just a wooden house.....baiti jannati...

alhamdulillah even i'm NOT born with a silver spoon, everything i want to, i must try to get it myself...

solat jemaah is always (when abah is arround), after maghrib recite al-quran.... but my family is not perfect either...but in some extends..hard make us stronger...

life is always be like a bed of roses and a bunch of thorns.......because always give a test to increase our imaan...insya allah

ayah su called last weeks...(he is mu guardian at all...)
i listened to him silently, obediently, focusing on what he talking about...

"remember our family, our family is not so big enough and yet not so small, i want you to go to higher level, i believe that you can go further, i see you grown up, i want you to be the best ! continue your good that you do "

my tears want to dropped...tahan saie...tahan..

"okey syah su, insya Allah"

and i know that he is a little bit dissapointed with me.....

i flash back my life,,, remembering the present,,....alhamdulillah...


we feel fatigue, restlessness, sad, blurr..gloomy......

but its all back to ALLAH...

sometime we do a big also small mistake...

sometime we choose the wrong path...

it is not wrong for you to cry, then wipe your tears then move on again~~~


don't give a word that you cannot work for it.....because every words is promise~and we'll be asked for the promise~


colour our canvas of life with IMAAN + TAQWA...

" allahumma inna nasaluka hubbaka, wa hubba man yuhibbuka, wal'amalulladzi yuballighuna hubbak"

"ya ALLAH kami meminta CINTA-MU, da cinta orang yang menCINTAI-MU dan amal yang menyampaikan CINTA-MU kepada kami" (sila betulkan if tersalah maksud =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

roti gosong

Ketika aku masih anak perempuan kecil, ibu suka membuat sarapan dan makan malam...

Dan suatu malam, setelah ibu sudah membuat sarapan, bekerja keras sepanjang hari, malamnya menghidangkan sebuah piring berisi telur, saus dan roti panggang yang gosong di depan meja ayah...

Saya ingat, saat itu menunggu apa reaksi dari orang-orang di situ..!!!

Akan tetapi, yang dilakukan ayah adalah mengambil roti panggang itu, tersenyum pada ibu, dan menanyakan kegiatan saya di sekolah...

Saya tidak ingat apa yang dikatakan ayah malam itu, tetapi saya melihatnya mengoleskan mentega dan selai pada roti panggang itu dan menikmati setiap gigitannya!! !

Ketika saya beranjak dari meja makan malam itu, saya mendengar ibu meminta maaf pada ayah karena roti panggang yang gosong itu.....
Dan satu hal yang tidak pernah saya lupakan adalah apa yang ayah katakan: "Sayang, aku suka roti panggang yang gosong."

Sebelum tidur, saya pergi untuk memberikan ciuman selamat tidur pada ayah.... Saya bertanya apakah ayah benar-benar menyukai roti panggang gosong.?
Ayah memeluk saya erat dengan kedua lengannya yang kekar dan berkata,
"Debbie, ibumu sudah bekerja keras sepanjang hari ini dan dia benar-benar lelah. Jadi sepotong roti panggang yang gosong tidak akan menyakiti siapa pun!".

Apa yang saya pelajari di tahun-tahun berikutnya adalah belajar untuk menerima kesalahan orang lain, dan memilih untuk merayakan "perbedaan" adalah satu kunci yang sangat penting untuk menciptakan sebuah hubungan yang sehat, bertumbuh dan abadi.

credits to kak has yang bagi emel ini,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

review 2009, suatu muhasabah

bismillahi walhamdulillah,

putaran masa seperti tabi'inya, detik demi detik, minit ke minit, jam bartukar jam, hari berganti bulan, dan sungguh benar kata-kata ALLAH,

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia didalam kerugian"

2009 kini hanya tinggal SEJARAH,
baik manis yang dirasai , baik yang pahit untuk ditelan, semuanya bercampur baur menjadi perisa kehidupan.

diari tahunan ana, terhias lembar demi lembar dengan catatan penuh pengertian. menulis dari hati, nafas seolah tersekat, bagaimana untuk dimulakan,kenangan tergambar diingatan, tersimpan di pengkalan data Hippocampus.

dan sungguh, ianya memberi satu pengalaman, mematangkan fikiran, merasionalkan minda agar apa yang mendatang dapat diharungi dengan TENANG.

tahun bermulanya dekad kedua hidup ana,tiada lagi angka 1 didepan, bukan lagi belasan, dan sepatutnya tidak lagi bersikap seperti budak hingusan.

resolusi dari 2009:
memperbaiki hubungan dengan ILAHI agar meningkatnya IMUNITI DIRI.

gambar sekitar 2009.

~walimah sahabiah/sepupu~

~asma' zinnirah, husna insyirah~(permata ayah su)
^^ana tumpang gembira^^

adik-adik,yang selalu ana rindu

kata sahabiahku Mahirah " sedih simpan di HATI, gembira juga simpan di HATI".


alhamdulillah, kerana bila diuji, hati berdetik yaqin " ALLAH selalu ada bersamaku"

sekeping HATI.
mungkin besarnya hanya segenggam lima jari, tetapi ia mengawal seluruh diri.

"ketenangan terletak di HATI, hanya pada HATI yang dekat pada ILAHI"

Alam Nasyrah (Bukankah Kami Telah Melapangkan)
  1. 094:001 Bukankah Kami telah melapangkan bagimu: dadamu (wahai Muhammad serta mengisinya dengan iman dan hidayah petunjuk)?
  2. 094:002 Dan Kami telah meringankan daripadamu: bebanmu (menyiarkan Islam) -
  3. 094:003 Yang memberati tanggunganmu, (dengan memberikan berbagai kemudahan dalam melaksanakannya)?
  4. 094:004 Dan Kami telah meninggikan bagimu: sebutan namamu (dengan mengurniakan pangkat Nabi dan berbagai kemuliaan)?
  5. 094:005 Oleh itu, maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) bahawa sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan,
  6. 094:006 (Sekali lagi ditegaskan): bahawa sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan.
  7. 094:007 Kemudian apabila engkau telah selesai (daripada sesuatu amal soleh), maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau berusaha (mengerjakan amal soleh yang lain),
  8. 094:008 Dan kepada Tuhanmu sahaja hendaklah engkau memohon (apa yang engkau gemar dan ingini).