Tuesday, November 29, 2011

as salam

pagi tadi baru tiba di puncak alam ^^

10 hari dirumah, cepat rasa masa berlalu. hu. oh masa mana pernah cukup di rumah.

and now, back to reality.

proposal dan questionnaires

journals and articles.

Microsoft word and Google scholar.

both my mom and dad is kelantanese. but of course i am trying to talk and writing english as the best as i can. oh ha. not a proper education at home, but i watch tv . he. do ot tell me, who ever you are, you can speak and write in english too. keep practice eyh ^^.

there is something that missing i my life ad i believe it is the "blessing"

when i was young, i do get flying colours result and yet i am not study so hard. but the result is impressive. getting A's for all the subjects. and now its turn not the bright as the past.

BLESSING is from the ALMIGHTY. Allah.

to get it back is by ....

return to ALLAH.

blessing is precious.

blessing make our life peaceful and happiness. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

what is going on my world

as salam
this is my short note:

currently doing my research, hopefully i can settle it according to the date.

many things to be setteled.

rabbuna yusahhil ^^

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pressure are diamond-things we forget

bismillahi walhamdulillah

baru habis design poster

next: moving to research proposal

puasa hari ini? kalau puasa alhamdulillah, banyakkan zikir ^^


ada rasa tertekan
astaghfirullahal 'aziim




saie yang sekarang di fakulti farmasi UITM PUNCAK ALAM =)